Studio 406 Memories

These photographs and playbills represent a small measure of the memories I have from my friends and acquaintances from Lajes Field's Studio 406.

This site is in no way an official history of this group. There are others in the world who have a better grasp on the realities of Studio 406, who have the official scrapbooks and photo albums, and who have richer memories than I. With luck, they'll cont act me here, and we can make arrangements to offer our mutual love of the Theater, of Studio 406, and of the Acores to all comers to this page.
I offer this site in honor of my many friends from Studio 406, who talked me back on- and back-stage after a too long hiatus from the roar and smell--a break that has not been, and (Lord willing and DoD send me to the right places) will not again be repeated to that extent (Thanks Charlie, BettyLou, Nancy, Les, Dean, Cora, Ron, Je sse, and many more whose names I might or might not be able to remember (or need to take the Fifth--love those cast parties!)

With any luck, April and I will eventually return to Lajes to teach-and I hope to have the opportunity to once again offer theatre activities at the school and on base. I know that there have been productions after the sad demise of our beloved Studio 406, and with the change in the zip code for the APO, most people won't even recognize the significance of the club's name, but the memories are great!

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