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Surveying my kingdom from on high... you serfs get to work!

Updated with a video of Kiki getting angry at a duck and Kimi playing with one of her toys.

Lucas at 1 week

Lucas at one week

RWPS WebMail

Memories of the 1980's... Studio 406 pages relinked. No really 'new' info yet-need some time to scan and transcribe playbills... but it was a trip down memory lane to see these names again!

Paul & Amanda's wedding photos

CV pages

stats Stats 2

The scalping that was

Strip Fix

My GTMO diving photos

GTMO photos (a few diving, but mostly GTMO life)

Naples Diving

Diving the Pacific

A day in the life of Rich at Franciscan University of Steubenville... photos and a wee bit of preaching.