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Travel Company Updated

Updated February 28: After more than 5 emails and several other contacts, our account was credited on 2/27, 10 calendar days after making payment. No explanations so far, but at least the money is finally accounted for.

Just a heads up... if you are considering a cruise, and you use Expedia, be warned. We placed our reservation in January, paid our deposit and cruise insurance at the same time. In February (the 17th to be precise), I paid the outstanding balance via credit card. Expedia denies the payment was ever made. Money has been paid from our financial institution to Expedia. Expedia is continuing to say "call us" rather than put anything in writing.

Contact Rich by eMail: rich_wal 'at' (just remove the word at and replace it with the proper character)

this page was updated April 16, 2013