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Photos from our dive trip to Antiparos island... (note: using a real 'cheap' camera-a new camera is on the shopping list).

the mail order supplier I use. they're quick responders to orders, and their prices tend to be substantially lower than other online sources I've found, including one that has the initials D S who claims the lowest prices-that company's problem seems to be a very low stock level not reflected in their on-line catalogue, leading to fairly frequent "back ordered" materials.

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SCUBA around the World

New location, new dive experiences planned

We've moved on from Napoli to Seoul, in the Republic of Korea. That means diving will be substantially changed over the next few years, but that change also opens the probability of diving some 'bucket list' sites that would be nearly unreachable from Europe.

What that means: no regular weekend diving, but with a little planning, we can fly to Okinawa, Guam, or Jeju-do for a few dives on a long weekend... and with a longer vacation such as spring break, Christmas break, or even summer vacation, fly south to Australia and do the Great Barrier Reef.

While in the states, Rich did manage a few dives in Ft. Lauderdale waters. He used a dive shop called "Lauderdale Divers" to schedule an afternoon's diving with the "American Dream II". She's a 46' custom dive boat who docks right at the Hyatt Regency Pier 66 marina. I can't say enough good things about the crew and captain-they made the dives very comfortable, and the boat's policies are very logical and clearly stated. We'll definitely use them next time we head to Ft. Lauderdale for a few days-great people, fun dives.

The "big-50"... dives that is.
Hey, you may be over 100, but I hit my 50th dive on 4 September-and it was a fine diving day! This photo of an octopus at about 20 meters was just one of many fine sights on this day.

An octopus at about 20 meters.

Rich's diving experiences continue in Europe, and April's begin here too. Over in the Nav bar on the left, I'm placing links to dive centers we're talking to about scheduling a visit, have stayed at, or want to visit.

April has started her Open Water training, but won't be getting wet until after summertime (some med issues to resolve).

While the water is cooler, most of the summer, it's been a 3 mm suit for the dives. Spring and Fall, with the water temp 16-18, it's 7 mm suit time.

As we dive, the log (on the left) and the photo pages (below) are updated with interesting things happening. Over the summer, I've wrapped up Nitrox, Equipment Specialist, Night, Deep, and Boat. Once I finish my Rescue Diver (now planned for May-logistics and $$), I'll be ready to get my Master Scuba Diver cert, expecting to complete all that and then immediately going for Divemaster, and following that up with my OWSI by June 2012!

Photo pages
Centro Sub Campi Flegrei This is the dive center, located in one of the beaches in Baia
The beach from where I'm diving...And this is the view from the center towards the pier where we get on the dive boat...
Another view of the beach where my dives leave from
In the distance, you can see several of the dive sites. Somehow, it just seems wrong to be doing classes from such a strenuous and unpleasant site... yeah, right!