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The Beaches of Pinetamare

The beaches are the place to be on those hot August mornings-but by the time intervallo rolls around, it's just too warm to be sitting under the sun.

But, it's still the place to visit. Here are some photos of Pinetamare's beaches. The first is a panoramic view from our umbrella a few weeks ago (2nd week of August 2009). The others are just random beach photos.

Panoramic View of Pinetamare Beach

Our temporary apartment is a few short steps from the coast, and the beaches, although a bit cooler than those of GTMO, are nice. The viz isn't the greatest inshore, and I haven't found the divers (yet), so I don't know what it's like offshore. However, I have to assume it's better-there were several people snorkle diving off the beach this morning.

If you click on the image above, you will get a full-size (21" wide) panoramic view. Apparently my 28 degree SLR lens has some non-linearity, as I didn't move and didn't change my focal length at all during this sequence of photos. But you still get the idea. Nice place!

Pinetamare Beach

Pinetamare Beach

Pinetamare Beach