A Day in the Life: Rich at Franciscan University of Steubenville

Many of you know that I'm spending most of the summer at Franciscan University of Steubenville, in Ohio wrapping up my Masters of Theology program there.

While I may joke frequently about the "short walk" between Padua Hall (where my dorm room is) and Egan Hall (where my lectures are), the Williams Center (where lunch is served-right next to the Chapel), and Heavenly Grounds - the cafe where we get breakfast and lunch; the education I'm getting through this masters' program is top notch and the university is a fun place to be.

That said, I figured I'd give my friends and family a "rich-eye" view of my walks from the dorm to breakfast, to class, and back to the dorm room.

These photos are to the right.

The "Heavenly Grounds" cafe is behind the sign that reads "Franciscan University Steubenville".

I walk up the hill, following the white line approximately...

First shot, about 100 meters down hill from Padua, going to breakfast.
Around the curve in the last photo, and still going up hill. I swear that everything seems to be uphill here!
Ok, further up the hill. Getting pretty tired by now.
Ok, at the first nearly flat ground. That's the J.C. Williams center ahead, the chapel is out of the scene on the left, but I walk (again, up a hill) past it going to the Portiuncula.
There yet? Not a chance!
Now, past the chapel on the right... following the arrow... I generally stop on the way to class in the morning to catch my breath and just relax at a little chapel called the Portiuncula. It is a copy of one of hte first churches St. Francis "rebuilt" after his calling. I've seen the real Portiuncula, when we visited Assisi. That video should be posted sometime this month from the Napoli pages.
Past the chapel
And this is the Portiuncula. I either go in and sit and pray or go just to the left at the small memorial.
Here is the Portiuncula
I'm putting on my 'preaching' hat right now for a moment. This is a memorial for those who died unborn. My preaching is this: this choice eliminates any choice. Please, think first!
The tomb.
The tomb

Every time I read this hand-written note, I want to cry for the person who wrote it and for her child.

I know the arguments, and I hear them frequently. I also have known a young lady who made this 'choice' many years ago, and I know how the decision hurt her. Please think first!

The prayer

Ok, I'll stop preaching now. It's just that I have some very strong feelings here, and think too many of us are making decisions without thinking of the consequences-and I'm not just talking about the decision referenced above. We must take responsibility for our decisions and their consequences. 'nuff said for now.

Back to the tour... From the chapel, it's still up hill to Egan where my classes are...

From Chapel to Egan
Once I leave Egan in the afternoon, I walk by the Joseph center...
From Joseph Center
And then, finally down a hill, and back to Padua hall, my dorm.
Down the hill

I might have forgotten to mention... after class, we walk back down the hill to the chapel for Mass, and then get lunch in the Williams center... after which, it's back up the hill, past Egan, and down to the dorm to study and do homework.

It is fun, and I'm learning lots from my profs, despite all my jokes and kvetching. Hey, if I'm not griping about something, there's something wrong, don't you know?


Updated on July 9, 2009