Rich and April Walrath's Virtual Açorean Home on the 'net

April and Rich welcome you to our virtual home -- and a view of where we hope to eventually build our physical home, Terciera Island, the Açores, Portugal. (Click on images for a larger view)

For the past two years, Rich and April were on separate continents because of our jobs. However, we now live on the same continent... in fact, in the same house in the same city (wow!). Rich accepted a transfer to Naples High School in Napoli, and the Italy pages will continue to grow as we can fill them. Back to bella Italia!

During the summer of 2000, Amanda and Rich spent their vacation on Terceira, and below are some photos and video captures from that visit.
The hotel we stayed in is called Varandas do Atlantico, and I highly recommend it to any visitors. Located right on the beachfront in Praia da Vittoria, the rooms are comfortable, and affordable. You can email the hotel for more information! photo of vdoa
Praia has changed lots in the past decade. This is Rua do Jesus, now a walking mall.
For those who haven't visited Terceira in a decade, the Via Rapida makes driving from Praia to Angra a breeze.
From the top of Sera da Santa Barbara
And from the Sera do Cume

Low-res view from atop Cabo da Praia

This view is from the ridge of Cabo da Praia, overlooking the Atlantic.
Moving north along the coast, here's a sight that most will recognize -- Ilheu do Norte, or as it's known to the Americans on the base, AWOL Rock. Seeing this picture reminds me of some divers who tell a great story about coming face to face with a ray there;)AWOL Rock
View of Pico Island
fromthe Estelagem de SantaCruz My second favorite island (Terceira being my first) is Faial. This view is from the Estelagem de Santa Cruz, a fort-turned hotel in Horta on the island of Fayal. The peak dominating the background is the island of Pico. By the way, my family and I loved staying at the Estelagem -- if you need a phone number or address, I'll be glad to email it to you -- just drop a note (or even better, visit them on the web--search for the Estalagem--they've changed their web address a couple of times since we were there).
While we were there last, I spent much of my time either behind or in front of a camera, working for the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service station at Lajes Field (CSB-218 TV and CSB-83/CSB-380 AM and FM radio) (and, if you're really looking for pain, you can click on the image for a larger view -- but who wants that? ;^)) ) I'm Air Force Sergeant Rich Walrath, reporting for Terceira Today.
My bar -- in our cottage on TercieraWe lived in the "Cottages" overlooking the hospital and the northern coast of Terceira on Santa Rita Hill. One of my favorite hobbies is brewing beer and making wine, and of course, one must have a place to serve one's vintages...

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