For those who know me from GTMO, also probably know about the psycho cat, Kimi. She was a rescued feral kitten whom I adapted.

Early in her life, she discovered that the TV has things she can chase. This link is a video of her playing futebol against Porto.

Kimi spent nearly 2 years developing the idea that she was the ruler of the house, not fully realizing that she had an older brother (who happened to be canine, not feline). The pictures below reflect her first encounter with Kiki, our 9 year old shih tzu, who was raised by, and is very comfortable with, cats. I'll add more photos as I get them.

To introduce the scene below, one of Kiki's favorite games with his older brother (whom is no longer with us, I am afraid) was to corner him barking... and eventually grab a tail and pull it out. The catch here was Phaeton normally started it by taking one of Kiki's toys-in the video it was the wash cloth-and then playing keep-away (see the video of Kiki and Phaeton interacting here... The Flash movie is 12 mb and it doesn't seem to play in all browsers-still working on that).

Well, Kiki never got close to Kimi's tail. Despite not knowing dogs, Kimi was slightly put off by this noisy dust mop...

Kimi is still in major-league discussions with the calico outside who is trying to convince us to adopt her. This video is from today (2/20/2010).  
Here's a link to Kiki and Kimi in their latest video. April was given a duck that does the Chicken dance... Kiki doesn't like it. We found another toy like one of the ones that Kimi tore up in GTMO, and she's still trying to kill it. Enjoy! Do I really have to associate with the lower forms of life?
Kiki doesn't like the dinner hour Kimi has issues with patience, as we all know...
...dinner time is still 6 p.m., and she DOES have dry food in a bowl, but for some reason, this seems more dignified to her.
Kiki and Kimi playing 1  
Kimi Still doesn't like her feet messed with. Kiki is about half a second from discovering this fact!
No, I didn't tie that to him. He actually managed to do it himself. Of course, Kimi is watching from the background, waiting for the proper second to pounce.
It's mine, and you can't have it! Yes, that is the cat's toy... filled with catnip... that Kiki's got.
Kiki's distracted by the hope of a treat from April... and Kimi is considering her options... take out Kiki's tail, grab the mouse and run, or do nothing. (she grabbed the mouse, took out Kiki's tail, and ran like a banshee).
Kiki and Kimi Kiki still plays with his rag... these two shots were taken in Napoli... and Kiki wants his rag back.
Kimi and Kiki Notice how Kiki is trying to get the rag. In case you can't tell, he was raised by a cat. "Normal" dogs generally don't use their paws and claws like this. It's really funny to watch sometimes.
First blush...  
Kiki will learn what that raised hand means... sooner or later.
Doesn't smell like me... what is that thing?
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