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The Benidictine Abbey of the Holy Trinity in Cava dei Tirreni

On April 16, April and I went with the International Archaeological Society on a trip to Cava for a visit to the Benedictine Abbey. This Abbey is celebrating its millenium of foundation, and the visit was one of our best trips to date. Not only was the Abbey a beautiful place to visit, but they went far out of their way to make the visit a successful one.

Our guide, Anna, spoke English well and was able to explain the various stages of the Abbey to the group as she led us through the Sacristy, the main church, and down into the crypt where earlier chapels were visible to visitors. The Chapter was quite impressive with a tile floor that was transported from a church in Napoli and historical information in the wall's frescoes. We were also privileged to be able to visit the Abbey's library that is only open to the public once a year.

Our pronzo, or mid-day meal, was one to remember! The monks prepared an amazing meal that included fruit, cheeses, a pasta and bean soup a'la Monaco, a local wine produced in Cava, cutlets and potatoes, and a dolce to die for: a light cake topped with fruit. Closing the meal with a touch of limoncello made a true treat.

We were also privileged to meet the new Abbot of the Benedictines, a young and friendly gentleman who took time from his administration of the Abbey to chat with us for a few moments.

All in all, the visit was by far the best one I've been on! The drive to the Abbey is easy as well, head out the A3 towards Salerno. When you exit the A3, follow the signs to the Abbey as the path twists and turns up the hill. While there is some limited parking in front of the Abbey, you're better off parking at the turn-around just before the Abbey and walking the 100 meters down the hill to the facade.

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