Rich's classroom resource pages

Rich works at Naples High School on the support site in Napoli, Italia, where he teaches Video Communications, Video Production, and Drama/Theatre. He also coaches Girl's varsity soccer and is the sponsor of the Naples Dramatics/Thespian club.


April's also in Napoli, where shes' working SPED right now, moving to get her MS Social Studies and English LA endorsements..
The NEW Studio 406 pages--lots of info, including playbills.
The family's other theater experinces in Maryland, Korea, and Germany

The Walrath's Family Photo Album
Our Terceira home that was and will be again(The homepage for this site too)

If you love cetaceans or the Acores, This Is The Place

The homebrewing recipes. Draco Branco Dopplebock, DB Kellar, and DB Rosenpils