59 37:01
Dive: Total Bottom Time:
U.S.S. New York (ne Rochester, Saratoga)
Subic Bay, Pacific Ocean, Subic, Phillipines
1448.378'N 12016.944'E
28 meters 4/9/2013
Max Depth: Date:
0:29 09:45
Bottom Time: Time:
Dive Of Day:
Surface Int:
Press Group: Waves Wreck
Weather: Access:
Temp Surface: Entry:
Temp Bottom: Habitat:
Air 5 meters
Gas: Visibility:
200 bar
Tank Start: Current:
35 bar
Tank End: Altitude:
15 liters Salt
Tank Size: Water:
200 bar 165 bar
Tank Work: Air Used:
Tank Material: SAC:
Moved 9# from belt to integrated pockets. Much better balance. See log for sketch. Big white jelly @ 22
meters. Buddy breathed from Tim from stem to rope.
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